Pakistan Space Satellite Technology Programs (2018-2019)
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Published on May 5, 2018
Published on May 5, 2018

This video is made on Pakistan space satellite Technology 2018-2019 PRSS-1 and PAKTES-1A are ready to launch.Pakistan is also involved in this space programs race in the world and in this race,Pakistani space researchers were trying to innovate satellite technology.They are in the efforts to create a new innovative planet.Pakistan will send the satellite on the space very soon In accepted jun 2018.These satellite are undergoing experimental stages when it is completed, they will be in launching process.
Pakistan has already sent 4 satellite on the space successfully and now the 5th and the sixth remote sensing satellite planet is going to launch.
Pakistan's own Navigation Satellite System PakNav .
In these Pakistan satellites space, Pakistan has utilized advanced electronic equipment to improve them further for related tasks and space missions.The latest cameras,dual-purpose Pakistan earth to mars observational and optical satellite, Oceanography,telemetry system,geographic information,charge detector,and weather control unit will be installed in them which is scheduled to launch in Jun 2018 for the replacement of Badr-II planet.In this video, I've told all the information with details.And all the information has been obtained from different sources.If you have any questions or you want any error accuracy in my video please write a comment in comment box i will must reply you and I'll try to fix the mistake in next videos thanks for watching this video.
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