Top 5 Amazing Technologies You Will See in Space
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Published on May 12, 2015
Published on May 12, 2015

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This series could of only be done thanks to the narration by Jasper Louis Riksen. If you enjoyed Jasper' to do a lot more with him in the future if he allows it =P.

This series will be featuring the most fascinating facts and list of the most advanced technologies currently being developed.
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NARRATOR Space; the final frontier. An endless stretch of stars, planets, gas clouds, black holes and many things more, and above all mystery. All unreachable to humans since time first began. But no longer; On the 4th of October 1957 the unmanned sputnik 1 was successfully launched into orbit around earth, the exploration of space had begun. Now space is become a birthplace of not only galaxies but also of technologies; satellites, communication methods, planetary exploration vehicles, the list goes on and grows longer each day. So what about tomorrow? Now follow 5 technologies you are likely to see implemented in space in the near future.
Number 1. Asteroid mining
Asteroid mining was once science fiction, yet is now entering into the range of human possibility with today's technologies. Recently, scientists did what many though was impossible by landing a spacecraft on a comet moving at approximately 130,000 km- or 8000 miles per hour.Within 15 years missions are to be launched to mine sites not located on earth. A lot of private wealth is already being invested to further forward the progression of this technology and many say the first trillion will have made in space.
Number 2. 3D Printing
3D printing is already very much a reality. Even though it's in its infancy it is showing to be one of the most useful things for the near future. The astronauts living on the international space station have recently, for the first time, printed a simple logo in space out of plastic. This was the first of many things to be printed for use, and fun in the station. 3D printing has gone a long way and has gone as far as printing prosthetic limbs, food, and even organs. There's no doubt this will all prove very useful if not necessary in space travel.Number 3. Virtual RealityMost people wouldn't think virtual reality to be of much use in space. Most people also don't know what space travel is actually like. Space travel, for the major part, consists of waiting, and exercising constantly to prevent your body from shutting down from lack of gravity. Virtual reality has had a huge spike of interest recently and will continue to grow exponentially in the next few years. If the technology advances enough, it will allow astronauts to do many things in the virtual world to keep them entertained and make working out not just a chore. This would make space travel possible for people who aren't trained to withstand such long times in space.
Number 4. Planetary GPS
This is one that's been rather difficult for scientist to solve. You can't just strap a gps to a rocket and find your way through space, as your everyday gps works using satellites positioned around the earth. Once you leave the safety of our solar system, how would you possibly know where to go? Luckily, nature has provided us with atomic clocks in the shape of massive balls of gas. Stars known as pulsars are known throughout the universe and are unbelievably stable. These Stars rotate at insane speeds and send out equally insane amounts of electromagnetic energy. The pulse of energy emitted is stable enough to use for measurements and powerful enough to distinguish from normal stars.
Number 5. Touchable Light
MIT scientist at Harvard recently created a new form of matter never before seen. This form, best comparable to a plasma type matter, is light that can actually interact with itself and other matters. Now don't get your hopes up, this will probably not lead to any laser weapons or light-sabers in the future. Though it's unlikely to slice people up, it's very possible this technology could bring better screens, holograms, and other inventions that require light to work. One thing is sure, it makes many things possible that weren't before without this state of matter being discovered.

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